Managing Coronavirus-related Stress as a Student.

Once upon a time, the ability to see friends and family provided solace from any academic or personal stress we experienced. Spending time with loved ones served as an opportunity to decompress, seek guidance/advice, and take our minds off the tasks demanding our attention throughout the day. COVID 19, however, completely dismantled the accessibility and safety surrounding our social support system.

Some students, having returned to campus for the academic year, are now living separately from those who kept them mollified during the quarantine. As a result of the nationwide mandates to self-isolate and tighten your social circle, the return to campus no longer includes the conventional outlets of stress relief.

While finding new ways to connect with loved ones or to take mental breaks from studying may seem daunting, there are several effective means to conquer COVID-19 anxiety and succeed despite the odds.

Meaningful and connection and emotional support are possible with these virtual communication platforms. Do not use physical isolation as an excuse to not reach out to friends or family. Communicate your thoughts and feelings if you are not feeling the best or missing your support system. Things have been far from easy lately, but actively improving our mental health is just as important as maintaining our physical health.



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